Make Money Mystery Shopping with Market Force

Make Money Mystery Shopping with Market Force

If you want to increase your income, then taking on a few side hustles is a great idea. There are lots of things you can choose from too. A great side hustle is to make money mystery shopping. And one of my favourite companies to use is Market Force.

What is mystery shopping?

Lots of businesses like to keep an eye on how things are going on the shop floor – it’s perfectly natural for them to want to make sure their staff are working hard and the customers are happy.

The problem with this though is that staff will always be on their best behaviour when they know they’re being watched or monitored by management. It’s human nature!

To combat this, many companies use mystery shoppers to find out how things are going. They’ll recruit an agency to send out a mystery shopper and report back on their findings.

Usually, the business will have certain steps they want following – a mystery shopper might be asked to report on the cleanliness of the toilets or to report back on a conversation they had with a member of staff.

make money mystery shopping

How to make money mystery shopping

As part of the task, mystery shoppers will usually be asked to make a purchase. Their will be a clear budget set for this before the task takes place. Whatever purchase is made within the set price range will be reimbursed fully. So that’s free stuff!

As well as getting to keep the product, mystery shoppers will also be paid a fee for attending and reporting back.

Market Force

I really recommend signing up to Market Force.

Market Force have regular jobs available throughout the country.

Once you’ve registered and set your area, you can just log into your dashboard and scroll through the available jobs. Make sure you read the assignment notes thoroughly and then you can apply!

Market Force regularly have mystery shops in pubs which means free food and free drink!

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go and see how easy it really is to make money mystery shopping.

Make Money Mystery Shopping with Market Force


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