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Meal planning to save time & money - Finance Tips 4 All
Meal planning to save time & money

Meal planning to save time & money

OK so meal planning can seem like a real pain in the bum. When you’re running around all week trying to make sure everybody is where they’re meant to be, when they’re meant to be, with everything they’re meant to have with them, then sitting down and thinking up a week’s worth of meals is probably the last thing you want to do.  But, trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Meal planning to save money

Let’s face it, we’ve all found ourselves wandering around the supermarket aimlessly, picking things up and throwing them into our trolleys without really knowing what we’re planning to cook or what’s already waiting in the cupboards at home.

If you spend some time at home going through the food you’ve already got in the cupboards, fridge and freezer, then you can save yourself a lot of money.

Plan your meals around your existing ingredients and use those up BEFORE you buy other foods. This saves money and saves on food waste too.

Once you’ve planned out your meals, write out your shopping list. Work through each meal and write down what you need to buy as you go.

When you’re walking around the supermarket, STICK TO YOUR SHOPPING LIST. Resist the temptation to throw extra items in your trolley and you WILL save money.

Meal planning to save time

If you’re anything like me, then you’re week is pretty hectic. I find myself hurtling from one thing to another with work, school, homework, after-school activities and my own business. Life is busy!

I totally understand that in your down-time, you want to relax and just do nothing. BUT I promise you that sitting down and writing out that meal plan and writing out that shopping list once a week will save you time.

Think about it. How many times have you realised you’ve forgotten something from the supermarket and needed to nip out again?

If you don’t plan out your meals in advance and do your weekly shopping in advance, then you may well find yourself making multiple trips to the supermarket.

Taking some time out once a week definitely saves you time overall.

One week of meal ideas

Meal planning can feel pretty monotonous – you find yourself preparing the same meals week after week! Or, you find that you’re just completely lacking inspiration and just don’t know where to begin.

Fear not!

Here are a week’s worth of meal ideas to give you a headstart. As this is a budget site, you won’t find any fancy schmancy meals here – these are just simple, cost-effective meal ideas to get you started.

  • Monday – Baked potato with tuna & salad
  • Tuesday – Home-made quiche, new potatoes & salad
  • Wednesday – Pork chops with veg & leftover potatoes
  • Thursday – Omelette & chips
  • Friday – Beef casserole & dumplings
  • Saturday – Home-made pizza
  • Sunday – Roast dinner

See, it doesn’t need to be fancy for it to work. Just simple meals that you can cook yourself without too much effort.

Meal planning to save time & money


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