Save Over £660 Starting With Just One Penny!

Save Over £660 Starting With Just One Penny!

Saving money can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. There’s always something to pay for or some unexpected expense rears it’s head just as you feel as though you’ve got things under control. It’s so frustrating! Taking part in a savings challenge can be a great way to keep your savings on track. And, there is a way that you can save over £660 starting by saving just one penny! Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

The One Penny Savings Challenge

Around Christmas time and new year, you’ll often hear people talking about how they’re determined to start saving money in the new year. It’s human nature to see January as a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. But what’s stopping you doing this at other times of the year too? Any time is a good time to make positive changes to your life – and saving money is always a positive step.

Sometimes though, we set ourselves BIG goals that can seem amazingly aspirational to begin with. But, reality and doubt quickly creeps in and within a week or two we’re smack, bang, back where we started.

So, we need to recognise what’s made us fail, and do things differently.

Taking baby steps to achieve big goals is a great way to get to where we want to be. And this is where the One Penny Savings Challenge comes in.

The idea is that you start by saving just 1p on the first day of the challenge. Then, on day two you add another 2p, on day 3 you add 3p, day 10 – add 10p, and so on.

If you do this continually for one year, you will end up with over £660 saved up!

Just think what you could do with that money!

There are lots of challenges you can do online to keep you on track. You can also download free printables so that you don’t lose track of where you’re up to!

What could you do with £660?

Just think what a difference £660 in savings could make to you!

You could use it towards Christmas or a holiday. Or you could just keep it in your emergency fund for any unexpected expenses that might otherwise send you into a spiral of panic.

Save Over £660 Starting With Just One Penny!


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