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Why you should improve and not move - Finance Tips 4 All
Why you should improve and not move

Why you should improve and not move

It’s amazing how quickly we outgrow our homes. No matter how much space we have, we seem to fill it in no time. It can be really tempting to start to look at moving house, but it’s worth considering making improvements on your existing home rather than heading off house hunting.

When we first move into a new home, nine times out of ten it feels as though we have lots of space and room for our families to grow. But as our children start to grow up and we fill our homes with more and more “stuff”, we can quickly feel as though we’re outgrowing the home we once fell in love with.

When this happens, it’s easy to think that it’s time to look for a new house. But that can be a really costly decision.

Did you know that the total average cost of moving house in the UK is a staggering £8,885.66??? Many people don’t factor in all the costs of moving house when they start hunting for their dream home, and all of those little extras can come as a nasty surprise if you’re not prepared.

Improve, don’t move

So, if you’ve realised that moving house just isn’t a viable option for you, then you might be wondering what steps you can take to make your home life more practical and more comfortable for everyone. A cramped living space isn’t healthy, but there are ways you can make big improvements.

There are lots of ways you can improve your home so that you have the space to continue to live together without constantly falling over each other.

Adding extra rooms

Adding orangeries or conservatories to your home can really make a huge difference, particularly as your children get older and need more space of their own. Having the space downstairs for everybody to have somewhere to relax yet still be close by is really important. Orangeries in particular are a great way to improve the living space of your home. Thanks to their brick walls, the sunlight is less of an issue than it can be with conservatories and they tend to hold the heat much more in the winter too.

If it’s bedroom space that you’re struggling with,  then you can consider turning your loft space into another bedroom. If you do it properly, then this can actually add value to your home too – a big advantage when you’re trying to be financially savvy!


This may sound really simple (and it is), but having lots of unnecessary clutter lying around makes a big difference to the amount of living space you have available. Be ruthless when you’re decluttering. If you haven’t used something for six months, will you ever really use it again? Get rid of old clothes and unused toys by sending them to the charity shop or reselling to bring in a little bit of extra cash. Go through every cupboard, garage, loft etc and see how much of a difference it makes.

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